You can’t visit Porto without trying port, and you can’t try port without visiting Graham’s Port Lodge. The well-known lodge gives you a wonderful introduction to port wine, it’s history and the production process. If you haven’t tried port wine, it’s highly recommended to do so in Porto. If you Continue Reading

Douro river view in Porto

I could give you 50 reasons to travel to Portugal, but I’ll convince you in just 7 reasons. I didn’t even know Portugal had so much to offer. I don’t think I ever thought I’d travel here, ever. Spain, yes. Morocco, absolutely. Portugal?! An ABSOLUTE must for your travel list. Continue Reading


Are you the scheduling type? I mean scheduling every day, down to the hour? You have to go everywhere with a planner? You have your calendar filled with appointments, dates, meetings and lists? Then boom, your car doesn’t start or you get into a fender bender and have to get Continue Reading

laptop and planner

It’s April AKA a new month AKA new stuff to get done AKA you need to take an hour to plan out your month because..stress, so keep reading for an easy way to do this. April ACTUALLY means Jon and I will be home for the summer next month and Continue Reading

spring clean

It’s that time again. Spring cleaning time. Time to purge our wardrobes, clean our house and all that crap. But, most people forget the two most important things that need to be cleaned regularly: your mind and body.  This spring, rather than just spring cleaning your house, why not focus Continue Reading