Step Out Your Comfort Zone and Get Uncomfortable

Have you ever had to take a shower before in front of other people without a curtain? Yea well, I have. I’ve had to step out my comfort zone many times, but never as much since I’ve lived in Europe. It’s almost impossible to feel uncomfortable when you live in a new country. Let me tell you what I’ve done and how I’ve found a new confidence in being uncomfortable.


Here in Latvia, there’s a facility that we call the “spa”. It has an indoor pool, slides, lukewarm jacuzzis, and then a spa area with a steam room, sauna, and salt room. Jon and I frequent this place because we’re able to go for free. Of course, you get really sweaty so you shower in the locker room. But….there’s no curtains. Just clear, plastic dividers. 4 on each side. So, yep. When you shower, you will be seen. When I first saw this, my first thought was…nope, not me, not today.

Like, am I actually supposed to shower right next to this woman who can see me and across from this other woman who can see my whole naked body too? It was VERY hard the first time I did it…

It’s probably the most uncomfortable thing I’ve experienced in my entire life. Seriously. Some showers deserve curtains…and when I say some, I mean every shower in the world.

If I can shower naked in front of women of all ages who already stare at me because I look different, you can do that crazy thing you thought you never could do. In the professional world, networking is necessary and relationships run the world.


  1. You’re forced to adapt. When situations arise, you have to be ready to adapt. When you step out your comfort zone, you’re pushing yourself to adjust to a situation that’s not normal for you. The outcome is you continually learning how strong you are!

  2. You gain an amazing level of self-confidence. For me, being forced to interact and socialize with people I don’t know is stepping out my comfort zone. But, it’s the only way I made friends here. I had to speak up, and be myself. I’ve learned SO much about myself after living in a new country and gained an amazing level of self-confidence. Blogging took me so long to begin because I was nervous and I knew it would force me to get uncomfortable with say..taking pictures. But, I started and now I love it so much!

  3. You form relationships and live through new experiences that you’ll always remember. You can always remember that time you stood up and spoke in that meeting and the impact you left in that conference room, or that time you faced your fears and went skydiving or submitted your portfolio to that modeling agency and they called you back. Whatever it is, it starts with a simple push. It starts with getting uncomfortable.

Getting uncomfortable also includes uncomfortable conversations. You know, those hard, difficult conversations you’re waiting for the right moment to speak up on to that family member who needs to hear what you have to say. That right moment may never come. If it’s important to you, speak up. Talk to that friend, talk to your therapist. You’ll feel a huge burden lifted afterwards.

This year, as a blogger, I’m stepping out my comfort zone to form those necessary relationships with people who can push me, teach me and help me grow. When you want to get better at something, you have to be willing to push the limits of what you think you can do. It’s going to feel awkward and uncomfortable in the beginning, but who wants to be comfortable their entire lives? There’s no fun in that.

How are you getting uncomfortable with your goals this year? Let’s talk below!

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K. Marie 

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