How To Plan Out Your Month In an Hour

It’s April AKA a new month AKA new stuff to get done AKA you need to take an hour to plan out your month because..stress, so keep reading for an easy way to do this.

April ACTUALLY means Jon and I will be home for the summer next month and I’m one step closer to being snatched on someone’s beach in Bali which is obviously the most important thing right now.

On a more productive note,

Have you written out (with an actual pen) your goals for the month? Goals like losing weight, or waking up earlier? I don’t mean the ones you stash in your notes on your phone and forget about..I mean the ones you write down in a planner that you carry with you everywhere? Do you even have goals for the month?

Well…if you don’t, you should REALLY start planning out yearly and monthly goals. It gives you something to really work toward and keeps you focused on achieving those goals!

laptop and planner


  1. Notebook to write out goals and things to do for the month

  2. Monthly calendaring tool (either Google Calendar or a Planner/Calendar book)

Benefits of Goal Setting and Monthly Planning:

  1. Less Stress obviously-because who wants to be stressed?

  2. You won’t have to worry about forgetting things because you can easily refer to what you planned out for the month and therefore….refer to number 1.

  3. You use your time efficiently and feel more accomplished after not wasting 2 hours on Facebook and Instagram because let’s face it… we all do it.

A week before or at the beginning of the month, sit your butt down and start planning. 

Monthly Planning in 5 Steps:

  1. Review yearly goals to help you plan out what you want to accomplish this month. If you haven’t made these yet, take time to do so! (5 min.)

  2. Write out your monthly goals, categorize them into financial, personal, professional, or business goals, and break them up into weekly goals. (25 min.)

  3. Plan your outings in advance. Go through emails/calendar to see what you already have planned or need to put into your calendar. Set up time/dates for outings with friends so you can plan ahead financially and factor that into your budget. SAY NO to certain invites that will make you spend money; opt for free outings instead or girls night in with wine, of course.  (10 min.)   

  4. Schedule time throughout the week for all the little stuff you have to do this month related to your monthly goals and planned events. (10 min.)

    1. Example: Monthly goal: send out job applications → weekly goal: send out 2-5 job applications per week → Schedule 1hr on Monday/Wednesday/Saturday to apply for jobs

  5. Schedule personal time! Schedule time aside for you. Grab that new bag sis (if it’s in your budget) or plan a day out by yourself!  (10 min.)

You’ve now written out your goals for the month, broken them down into weekly goals and scheduled time throughout the week to prepare/plan/achieve these goals. There you have it. You’ve planned your month out. You can now sit back, relax, and achieve your goals for this month.

My goal for this month is to run consistently 3x a week! 

What’s one of your monthly goals?



K. Marie

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